Slowly they strut in stilettos on the sultry streets of South America with a wink and a twinkle in their eye. These are the real-life Latina prostitutes we found on recent trip to Brazil. For a only a few American dollars, they can be yours for an hour or two at a nearby motel. Just be careful which corner you choose! Cause the hottest girls we saw were “chicas con dicas” (chicks with dicks)! And the tranny temptation was just too sexy to resist!
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Mia Rivers
Mia Rivers is about as fine as hookers get. This girl is just totally put together! Sexuality exudes from her pores and any man in his right mind would follow that ass wherever it was walking. Diego is definitely a man in his right mind, and pounces on Mia the second he lays his eyes on her. Mia gladly follows him back to his hotel for some sensual kissing and petting, then asks for the money upfront if he wants to go any further. After a taste, Diego can't resist the full meal and hands over the cash so he can tap that ass. Little does he know that this perfect 10 is actually hiding a package underneath those shorts. But by the time he realizes just what kind of hooker this really is, Diego is already in too deep. So, he just throws caution to the wind and fucks Mia's face till her throat is red. He then shoves it hard up her ass and leaves a deposit on her chin as a souvenir.
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