These girls ain't Einsteins, but they're smart enough to know that fucking the teacher always gets you better grades! Welcome to hardcore higher education at its finest! It's hard to pay attention in class with a dripping wet pussy distracting you, so these school girls have learned to apply themselves after-class. They may be C students, but in cock sucking these babes each get an A plus!. Enjoy the hottest teacher-student sex action on the web. Who needs brains when you've got this kind of beauty?
Sex For Grades Presents: Cody Lane
Story: Cody is a cute little cheerleader who has been made to stay after school because she has been a bad girl. She gets scolded by the professor and he gives her a quiz and confiscates her pom poms. She fails the quiz and her teacher comes up with another solution to improve her grades. He gives Cody a vibrator and has her masturbate with it as it touches her tiny pussy. She makes herself cum on his desk and then he bends her over and slips her the meat from behind. Cody gets pounded into the desk by her professor as he fucks her tight pussy. Then she sucks his cock until he finally drops a load into her waiting mouth.

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