Now that they are eighteen these horny little nymphos are going crazy! They are fresh out of high school and they aren't wasting any time in living out all their wildest sexual fantasies -- on camera! Watch their barely legal bodies get pushed to the max as they suck and fuck with an enthusiasm bred of naivety and excitement!
And you can see it all here -- now that they are eighteen!
Now Eighteen Presents: Chrissy Cane
Sensational blond coed Chrissy Cane looks like she must be underage - it's lucky that she's got her ID on hand to prove that she's 18! Perverted fucker Rafe joins her inside, thrusting his dick into her mouth unceremoniously and making her gag on it. He pushes her roughly down on to the couch, pulling her thighs apart forcefully and ramming his rock hard prick into her tight and virtually unused pussy. She squeals at first, but then soon welcomes the big dick pounding, wrapping her thighs around Rafe's back. She also proves to be an extremely competent cock rider, bouncing up and down on the dick like it's second nature to her.
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