My brothas and me, our game is tight. We could mack black all day, but we like 'em white. If her ass is fat, and her skin is pale, we'll fuck her so good, bitch be postin' our bail. It's what every nigga wants but only a balla can cop, so holla at your boy cause I'm about to load...all on her face...which kinda looks like a canvas...but sorry Dorthy this ain't no swallow that shit like a good girl should....and, oh, by the way, welcome to the hood.
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I Like Em White Presents: Kendra Secrets
Black businessman Sean Michaels is looking for a new secretary, and beautiful brunette milf Kendra Secrets is one of the potential new employees. However, he is not impressed with her credentials, giving her a thorough questioning as she sits next to him on the couch. Kendra realises that she is not really qualified for the position, but she is desperate for a job, given these rough economic times, so she gives the black stud a proposition. Looking at him seductively, she unzips his pants and pulls the thick black cable of his penis out of his pants, immediately taking it into her mouth. Even if it wasn't for the job she'd suck it for free!
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