Cocks, like people, are social creatures by nature and need a little human touch to truly feel alive. Not all good wood should automatically be wasted inside a vagina, some dicks are meant to be wanked. Sure jerking off is great, but admiring someone else do the job is even better! Yes there's just something about watching a girl's delicate hands as they tenderly stroke a cock. Welcome to a wonderful world of handjobs.
Fuck My Mommy and Me Presents: Stephanie & Melissa
This hot threesome scene begins with a dude kissing his gorgeous young brunette girlfriend in the car. He begins to get hot and dirty with her, and he would fuck her in the car given half the chance. However, this sexy brunette fancies herself as a classy bitch,, refusing to do it in the car. She takes him back to her house, where the horny couple are surprised at the sight of the young brunette's mom, naked in the spa pool! She gets out, dripping wet and flaunting her nakedness in front of the hot stud. She leads them by they hand inside, ready for a hardcore, young versus old suck and fuck threesome! This guy gets the ride of his life!
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