Ever wonder what happens to filthy whores when they get older? They graduate to becoming your friendly, neighborhood cougars and milfs! These saucy, sex-starved mommies and desperate housewives can barely contain their lustful longing - salivating in excitement at the prospect of the next ambush! After all, they've had a lifetime to hone their sexual wiles and decadent charms. Hard, young cocks consume their thoughts and moisten their lacy, lingerie panties. Venture with caution, they're on the verge of titillation. Good luck taming the insatiable sex drive of a cougar...there is no off switch!

Hot Cougar Violet is Ready to Fuck

Sweet like a flower, Violet Adamson has all-natural giant jugs and a big round ass. She loves to tease the camera with quick glimpses of what is hiding behind her pink dress. When she finally gets naked, she rubs oil all over her tits making them shine before laying back to play with her bald snatch. Lee Stone is eager to turn up the heat, using his mouth to breath fire on her already warm centre. With a hand wrapped around the base of his cock, she takes much of his long shaft down her throat. When he sticks his boner in her tight hole she cries out in joy and gets off on the motion of his hips.
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