Irresistibly drawn to the allure of a young co-ed's blossoming sexuality and nubile body, these wily cougars absolutely delight in the excitement of the chase. Behind every smile is a hungry tongue waiting to curl up into a virgin cunt and underneath every kind gesture is a wanton cougar forever on the prowl! Watch these cougars make these kittens scream!

Slutty Cougar Craves Fresh Pussy

A super sexy cougar is excited to open her door and discover a young kitten wearing a dress that barely covers her ass. They get the business taken care of quickly so that they can relax on the couch. Zoey likes to have her way with fresh meat and teach them a thing or two, she takes her time to savour the smooth tanned skin. They both get naked and Ashlyn opens her thighs inviting Zoey to have a taste. They each have their fill using only tongues and fingers before needing something bigger to fill their voids and whipping out the toys.
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