These Girls Never See it Coming, Until It’s Too Late!
Everybody knows that brothers have a “thing” for white girls. Unfortunately, not all cracker-ass white chicks feel the same way about us! Sure there's lots that think we're all sexy and smooth and shit, but there's still too many redneck prissy bitches out there that wouldn't be caught dead with a black man! And since I like 'em hard-to-get, these are precisely the bitches I target! Wanna know how I do it?

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Jessica Wood
Jessica Wood has one truly fine ass - it's the type of booty that you will slap around all day and night. It's not really phat, but it does have that perfect bounce to it that will make you want to cum in your pants. She starts getting that booty slapped and kissed by Ace, who is lending the big dick to the party here. He really wants to slam that shit home into her pussy, and she starts screaming super loud. She loves that giant rod pounding into her nice and hard, filling her up like no other man could.
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