Milos and Marjan are good buds. And what does one do when a buddy is suffering from blue ball and needs to blow a load? You help him out! And that's exactly what Marjan does, helpin' a brother out by giving him a nice friendly suck job to drain those balls. A mouth is a mouth, right? Marjan doesn't seem to mind and he buries his dick between Milos' lips so fast he almost chokes him! Then, Milos takes him for the ride of his life, and his cock is doing the driving! He fucks him silly, fast, slow, ferocious and frantic and the look in his eye says he is NOT going to last much longer. The load he blows in Marjan's mouth is so big, it over flows and spills out, but you can tell by the look on Marjan's freshly fucked face, it tasted damn fucking good. So if you've got a boned up buddy - suck it up and help a brother out...and remember: it only seems kinky the first time!
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